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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I guess you could call the break I took a hiatus. Really, it was more that I didn't have much to write about, since I'm still recovering from my achy ribs. I did go on another trial run on 12/31. It wasn't long and it wasn't fast. I hadn't run since 12/20 and I wanted to make sure I wasn't losing too much. It hurt to run, though not my legs or my lungs, but my ribs. I was in a fair amount of pain the entire time, so I haven't gone out since. They're feeling a lot better over the last couple days, so I think I'll be able to get back into things pretty quickly.

I did 2.05 miles in 26:01. Average pace of 12:40, which isn't bad when you think  about how long I've had to abstain and how much pain I was in (I seriously had less painful contractions while in active labor). I'm getting to a point, finally, where walking isn't painful and I can finally move around. It's been a huge trial for me, because it happened right when I really had momentum going for being active and losing weight. The bright side is that my shins didn't hurt at all while I was running or afterward, so I suppose I did need a break.

I have some other updates that I'm hoping to get up soon, so if anyone is still reading, you'll see those within the next day or so.