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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

7 Minute Tempo Run

This morning was a scheduled 7 minute tempo run. I felt silly running for only 7 minutes, but I reminded myself that the plan decided it and I'm still recovering from tendinitis.

I am lazy and frequently run in my own neighborhood. It sounds great, but there is one problem: hills. I live in a very hilly area. So today my run was mostly uphill because I wanted to finish on a downhill. That didn't happen either because I overestimated how fast I would be going.

I ran by feeling, because tempo runs should be uncomfortable. So I kept up a hard pace, but one that I knew I could improve upon during speed work. My predicated pacing, based off of my 5k run in December was supposed to be 11:48. Imagine my surprise when, sure I was struggling to meet that, I ended up with a 10:38 pace.

I was beat up a bit when I was done, but I felt good. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my foot didn't require icing or even hurt today. I pushed it hard, both up and down those hills, and I was sure I would be slow and need ice. It feels really good to know I did better on both. Luckily for me, today is a jeans day at work, which means I can also wear sneakers. I need to invest in some supportive flats for work, but I haven't yet.

How has your running been? I'm looking forward to incorporating more strength training into my plan. I'm horrible about cross training. What about you?