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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

12 Minute Recovery Run

Good morning!

This morning's run was a 12 minute recovery run. It was supposed to be a nice, slow run that felt very comfortable. It definitely felt comfortable and was something that I could have continued doing for quite a while longer. Unfortunately, I got a late start this morning, so 12 minutes was actually all I could fit in anyway.

It was a 12:50 pace, which felt good, because once again I ran right outside my house. This means that I spent most of my time running uphill. For training runs, I suppose this tends to slow down my overall time, since I don't push my effort when I'm on the downhills, but I think really helps me in the long run. Why? I get really used to running hills and finding a comfortable pace. When I find myself on flat paths, I tend to go at the same effort, because it's something I'm comfortable with. That's when I look down and see much faster paces than I'm used to seeing.

It was cooler this morning, so I wore running tights, a long sleeved mesh shirt and my husband's bright yellow running t-shirt over it. My beloved Launch 3s are still doing well and don't have too many miles on them yet. I still think that I'll get a new pair of shoes a few weeks before the half, so that I have fully supportive shoes.

Oklahoma City is hosting its annual car show next weekend and they're also sponsoring a 5k race! I'm pretty sure I'm going to participate in it. It's only $30 and there's a finisher's medal! It would be my first medal, which has me a little excited. I love the car show, but this has me really excited. This way, my hubby and my daughter will have stuff to keep them busy while I'm running and I'll get to do something I really love.

My foot is doing really well and that has me super excited. I didn't share yesterday (probably because I was in a strange fog all day long), but the jeans I was wearing were jeans that haven't fit me in well over a year. I've lost 3 pounds in the last week or so and it feels amazing. I know it isn't all about losing weight, it is about overall health and fitness. When you weigh over 200 pounds at 5'6" though, weight loss is important. I'm down to 179.5 and that matters to me. I'm doing it by eating differently and exercising and it isn't just about the numbers. The numbers do matter though. I look at the scale and how my clothes fit and how I feel when I move. It's all used to indicate my level of health and fitness and each time one of those gets better, I'm going to dance with happiness.